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Using binary Python extensions with 3ds Max

Nov 22, 2016 | howto | Python, 3ds Max | article

One very interesting aspect of Python is the large set of freely available 3rd party extensions. Some of those need to be compiled as binary packages. Here is what I learned about making these work with 3ds Max

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Be gamma correct: Long article on practical gamma correction

Jun 14, 2009 | tutorial | generic 3D, 3ds Max | gamma_correct_v12.pdf

Gamma correction is one of those buzz words that are really easy in terms of theory and math but confusing in how it is applied in practice. As a consequence, it is largely ignored by many graphics practicioners. This illustrated 11 page (!) article is my attempt in clarifying gamma correction in the context of 3D CGI by answering most of the typical questions: "What is gamma? Why do we have it? When should I perform gamma correction? And what happens if I just ignore it?"

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Inverse Math: Formulas to commonly used algorithms

Jul 15, 2007 | tutorial | 3ds Max, Photoshop | inversemath.pdf (not online yet)

Have you ever wondered what exactly the software is doing when you use some function? Or do you need some simple math but cannot find the right operation in your software? This article collects mathematical fomulas for commonly used functions in 3ds Max and Photoshop. In particular, it discusses the Output parameters in 3ds Max, the 3ds Max morph modifier and the Photoshop blending operations.

Scripted controllers and object references in 3dsmax R6

Oct 30, 2003 | tutorial | 3ds Max 6 | download .pdf

This article discusses different methods for referencing other objects from within a scripted controller; it also shows one method that is robust against renaming, merging and xref'ing objects; slightly outdated due to the new script controller introduced in 3ds Max v8.

Reverse foot setup

Apr 15, 2002 | character setup file | download .max

A foot setup for 3ds Max v4 with two bone chains and constraints that allow easy heel roll, foot roll, ankle roll and standard IK movement with the rest of the foot remaining fixed.